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G-15 is an economic grouping of
First World Nations
Second World Nations
Third World Nations
Fourth World Nations
Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Ghoshiii said:   3 years ago
Third World Nations are economically backward and politically instable and developing.

Guchisa said:   5 years ago
India is under the Asian countinent, Asia is the third World.

Surendra said:   7 years ago
Please, give details about the G15 groups.

Rajesh Mili said:   7 years ago
What is the main goal of G15?

Krrish said:   7 years ago
Thanks for the given information.

Masoom ali said:   8 years ago
Third World Nations is the correct answer.

Quizer said:   8 years ago
In which world nation does India exist?

Pari said:   8 years ago

G15 = Third world.

Deepak kumar said:   8 years ago
What are the names of 1st & 2nd world countries?

Please mention with continents.

Ayushi said:   9 years ago
G7 for first world (formerly G8).

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