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FRS stands for

[A]. Fellow Research System
[B]. Federation of Regulation Society
[C]. Fellow of Royal Society
[D]. None of the above

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Sarita said: (Jun 24, 2011)  
The Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge, known simply as the Royal Society, is a learned society for science, and is possibly the oldest such society in existence. Founded in November 1660, it was granted a Royal Charter by King Charles II as the "Royal Society of London". The Society acts as the UK's Academy of Sciences, and funds research fellowships and scientific start-up companies.

The current Royal Society President is Sir Paul Nurse, who took up the position on 30 November 2010.

Since 1967, the Society has been based at 6-9 Carlton House Terrace.

Dr.Subhadra said: (Jan 31, 2015)  
Actually it should be FRCS, as it is Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons.

Utkarsh Mishra said: (Dec 18, 2016)  
I like this site and it is very useful for those who are preparing for IAS, PCS and various other exams.

Thanks for providing this type of questions.

Rajat said: (Jan 2, 2017)  
Thanks a lot @Sarita.

DEEPANSHU said: (Apr 26, 2018)  
It's very useful. Thanks for the given details.

Mevertson said: (Sep 30, 2018)  
Technically, FRS stand for File Replication Service.

Chandhana Priya N.V said: (Jun 8, 2019)  
Really it's useful. Thank you @Sarita.

Darshini said: (Mar 18, 2020)  
Thank You @Sarita.

Amitkherkar said: (May 26, 2020)  
Very good information. Thanks all.

Meet said: (Jan 22, 2021)  
Thank you @Sarita.

Mukhtar Abbasi said: (Aug 24, 2021)  
It's option B as FRS reporting standards in international business language.

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