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First human heart transplant operation conducted by Dr. Christiaan Barnard on Louis Washkansky, was conducted in
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Louis Washkansky (1913 - 21 December 1967) was the recipient of the world's first human heart transplant.

Washkansky died of double pneumonia eighteen days after the transplant because of a weakened immune system.

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K Ravindra said:   2 years ago
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Karthick said:   5 years ago
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Vijay said:   5 years ago
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Dhananjay Ray said:   5 years ago
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Achini said:   5 years ago
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Bismi said:   6 years ago
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Ekta Prajapati said:   7 years ago
On 3 December 1967, South African doctor, Dr Christiaan (Chris) Barnard, performed the world's first human to a human heart transplant at Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town.

Gulab Ugale said:   7 years ago
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S.Ambika said:   7 years ago
How the heart is transplanted. In which way they will carry from one person to another person. And at which age group it should be done.

Vasanthi said:   7 years ago
Washkansky, a South African grocer dying from chronic heart disease, received the transplant from Denise Darvall, a 25-year-old woman who was fatally injured in a car accident. Surgeon Christiaan Barnard, who trained at the University of Cape Town and in the United States, performed the revolutionary medical operation.

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