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Who was the first Indian Commander-in-Chief (C-in-C) of the Indian Army?

[A]. Gen. K.M. Cariappa
[B]. Vice-Admiral R.D. Katari
[C]. Gen. Maharaja Rajendra Singhji
[D]. None of the above

Answer: Option A


Field Marshal Kodandera "Kipper" Madappa Cariappa OBE (Kodava Kannad) (28 January 1899 - 15 May 1993) was the first Indian Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army and led the Indian forces on the Western Front during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1947.

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Kalyani said: (Feb 19, 2011)  
On 15 jan 1949 L. Gen. Cariappa has taken the charge of commander of chief from last British commander Sir Francis Bucher.

Sanchit said: (Feb 28, 2011)  
Thats why JAN 15 is celeberated as ARMY DAY...

Animesh said: (Feb 4, 2012)  
His Appointment was
16 January 1949 to 14 January 1953

Gokul said: (Dec 31, 2014)  
Where from Cariappa belong? What is his Coalification?

Soman said: (May 27, 2015)  
General Maharaj Shri Rajendrasinhji Jadeja, DSO (15 June 1899 - 1 January 1964), also known as Kumar Sri Rajendrasinhji and K. S. Rajendrasinhji, was the first Chief of Army Staff of the Indian army, and the second Indian, after Field Marshal K. M. Cariappa, to become Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army.

Pragati said: (Jul 2, 2015)  
Cariappa was born at Shanivarsante in Kodagu (Coorg) in the erstwhile State of Coorg, which was at that time a self-governing princely state of India, which is currently in Karnataka. He had his formal education in the Central High School at Madikeri, after which he pursued his college education at Presidency College, Chennai.

Here he grew up equally attached to books and plays under the guidance of renowned academicians. He was an active sportsman, who played games such as hockey and tennis with vigour and brilliance. In addition to this, he loved music - and had a fondness for a sleight of hand tricks, too.

Manju said: (Feb 1, 2016)  
The given answer is correct.

Kodandera "Kipper" Madappa Cariappa was the first Indian Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army in the year 1949 to 1953.

Sir Rob McGregor MacDonald Lockhart and Sir Roy Bucher were the British Indian Army general from 1947 to 1949.

Prasad said: (Dec 16, 2016)  
-"Cariappa" is the wrong answer.

-Cariappa served as 1st Indian 'Commander -in-Chief' not 'Chief of Army staff' which is different from the other.

-"Gen. Maharaja Rajendra Singhji" was the 1st 'Chief of Army staff'.

Tapas said: (Feb 11, 2017)  
Agree @Prasad.

Niranjana Behera said: (May 27, 2017)  
I think Option C is the right answer.

Bhoopendra Singh said: (Sep 22, 2017)  
C is the right answer.

K K Pateriya said: (Apr 17, 2018)  
I think C is the right answer.

Tejas said: (Oct 31, 2020)  
C is the right answer.

P J Rao said: (Aug 24, 2021)  
Please clarify the correct answer.

Girija said: (Sep 3, 2021)  
Option C is the right answer.

Farha said: (Feb 26, 2022)  
Yes, Option C is the right answer.

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