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Firdausi was

[A]. a poet
[B]. well known for his epic 'Shahnama'
[C]. Both option A and B
[D]. None of the above

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Teiso said: (Jun 28, 2011)  
During the late 10th century, Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni comissioned the poet Abu 'l Kasim (c. 941 - 1020), psuedononomously known as Firdausi, to complete a history of Iran from the creation to the time of the Arab conquest. After about 35 years of work, the result was the Shahnama, or Book of Kings. The poem, consisting of 60,000 rhymed couplets, has two parts to it. The first part, the mythological part, deals with the legendary Persian kings and heroes (Rustam, Kai Khusrau). The second, part, from the death of Rustam onwards, gives (highly romanticized) accounts of historical figures such as Darius and Alexander the Great.

A number of English translations of the Shahnama have been produced. However, almost all of these include only the first half of the work, and ignore the second. Given the length of the poem, it is perhaps not surprising that only one complete English translation has ever been produced. This translation was completed at the beginning of the 20th century, by the brothers Arthur and Edmond Warner. The work was published in nine volumes between 1905 and 1925. Sadly, only Edmond would live to see this opus in print.

Dr Suresh Patel said: (Nov 20, 2017)  
Where was Firdausi belongs to?

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