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Fastest shorthand writer was
Dr. G. D. Bist
J.R.D. Tata
J.M. Tagore
Khudada Khan
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Vnv phaneendra said:   9 years ago
The Guinness Record Holder for fastest Shorthand writing at the speed of 250 words per minute, the first-ever Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Stenography in the world, Dr.Gopal Datt Bist has an outstanding name in Stenography and Parliamentary Reporting.

Authoring more than 30 books in English and Hindi Stenography, Typography, Office and Secretarial Practice, he has thousands of followers in India. His students include Parliamentary Reporters in India at designations of Joint Secretary, Director, Joint Directors and Deputy Directors who have a distinct record in high speed writing in both Houses of Indian Parliament.

Alindra Barman said:   1 decade ago
Shorthand or Stenography is a sound writing (phonetic) system. It is a course which requires one year to finish. But without hard work, it is very difficult to obtain good speed. In Pitman's Shorthand (Sir Isaac Pitman) , the geometrical lines (strokes) are straight and half circles in different positions. There are twelve vowel sounds, some hooks, halfing, doubling etc. One can increase speed of writing with the help of logograms/gramalogues (abbreviation) and language knowledge. One can also obtain speed more than 120 with experience and subject knowledge. Accuracy is a must in stenography.

Priyanka said:   3 years ago
Dr. Gopal Dutt Bisht, who born in Almora of District of Uttarakhand, created a word Record by writing 250 words in a minute in stenography. This is a world record so far. . His name is the maximum speed in Hindi Shorthand, Guinness Book for 250 words per minute, recorded in Word Records (1993).

Dr. Gopal Dutt Bisht also invented a new "Easy System" of the shorthand. Apart from this, he has written 18 books on this subject.

The world record created by Dr. Gopal Dutt Bisht has been broken by their son, Mr. Harish Chandra Bisht, he has set a new record of 260 words per minute.

Harish Chandra Bisht said:   1 decade ago
^ = HOW
. = A, AN, THE,
' = ON
__ = CAN, COME

Shorthand writing is pretty much based on HOW the words are pronounced, and not how they're spelt. ie- it's a phonetic writing.

Once the script is learnt, we can write in any number of languages (english, Hindi, French, German etc.), provided we already know that language.

Bharti said:   1 decade ago
Stenography stands for hiding the data so that the other person is not able to decode it.

An example of stenography: if a text is to be transferred to someone. Then an image and the text file is merged by writing some code. If a lay man person views the data then he will be able to see only the image. But if its opened using image viewer then the hidden text will be visible.

Dev said:   1 decade ago
Mr. Harish Chandra Bisht is the fastest Shorthand writer at the speed of 260 words per minute with 100% accuracy.He is the son of Dr. Gopal Dutt Bisht, who is the Guinness record holder at 250 words. He is an Indian. No PhD course is available in stenography. Stenography is somewhat derived from geometry. Every line, circule, do has been given a certain letter/word meaning.

Balaji said:   1 decade ago
Shorthand means writing the syllables of english in the form of secret codes. Writing those words at 80 words per minute is lower grade in short hand, 120 words per minute is higher.

So the art of writing those words as secret code, bist might be the fastest to write no. Of words per minute.

Any doubt?

Vijay Negi said:   7 years ago
Stenography is basically to 'write English/Hindi' long hand words or sentences into 'shorthand' in short' using certain syllables, symbols specifically scripted for the same. There too, we use certain short forms of specific works to make it more fast and short writing.

Simran said:   6 years ago
Yes Dr. G.D. Bist was the first man to get this title of fastest shorthand writer with speed of 250 words per minute.

After him, one of his at the age 22 reached his too.

And now his son Harish Bist set up a record of 260words per minute in shorthand writing.

BALJEET SINGH DASILA said:   1 decade ago
What is Stenography?

The art of writing Shorthand is called Stenography.

Dr. Gopal Datt Bist : "A Teacher of Stenography without the knowledge of Linguistics is like a Doctor without the knowledge of human anatomy" is the fastest shorthand writer.

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