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UN General Assembly elects a President and how many Vice Presidents at the start of its each regular session?

[A]. Seven
[B]. Fifteen
[C]. Twenty one
[D]. Two

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Amit Naniwal said: (Apr 24, 2013)  
What is the meaning of UN ?

Saurabh said: (Sep 8, 2013)  
The full form of UN is United Nation.

Srinivas said: (Nov 12, 2014)  
UN belongs which country?

Vignesh said: (Nov 29, 2014)  
191 countries, because independent countries.

Anmol Sharma said: (Mar 17, 2015)  
How many Union Territories?

Inez Deborah Emilia Altar said: (Oct 5, 2015)  
Two possibly twenty-one.

Sathishkumar said: (Jul 13, 2016)  
Who is the secretary of UN?

Dharam Dass Rana said: (Aug 24, 2016)  
Now there is 193 country.

Rineesh said: (Mar 29, 2017)  
New Secretary-General of the United Nations is Antonio Guterres, who is the former president of Portugal.

Sneha said: (Aug 8, 2017)  
Why only 21 are elected?

Aman Khanna said: (Sep 11, 2017)  
It is According to the ARTICLE 96 OF UN.

Bujjijanardhan said: (Sep 3, 2018)  
193rd country is South Sudan.

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