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UN General Assembly elects a President and how many Vice Presidents at the start of its each regular session?
Twenty one
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Bujjijanardhan said:   5 years ago
193rd country is South Sudan.

Aman khanna said:   6 years ago
It is According to the ARTICLE 96 OF UN.

Sneha said:   6 years ago
Why only 21 are elected?

Rineesh said:   6 years ago
New Secretary-General of the United Nations is Antonio Guterres, who is the former president of Portugal.

Dharam dass rana said:   7 years ago
Now there is 193 country.

Sathishkumar said:   7 years ago
Who is the secretary of UN?

Inez Deborah Emilia Altar said:   7 years ago
Two possibly twenty-one.

Anmol sharma said:   8 years ago
How many Union Territories?

Vignesh said:   8 years ago
191 countries, because independent countries.

Srinivas said:   8 years ago
UN belongs which country?

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