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The Scottish bacteriologist who discovered penicillin was
Alexander Fleming
Albert Einstein
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Benard said:   5 years ago
They act more on gram positive microorganisms, like streptococcus, staphylococcus which contain a peptidoglycan layer hence preventing conversation of soluble peptidalglycan to insoluble peptidoglycan which in turn allows inoculation of toxin hence death of the organism.

Dr arvind c shah said:   7 years ago
By years of trials and wide talk of penicillin reaction, it is a drug of choice in some cardiac disease like rheumatic valvular disease and most of the skin infection. There are some genetic predisposition but in fulminating skin condition and in heart it prevents the further damage to heart.

Gitesh Bond said:   8 years ago
Alexander fleming is a Scottish scientist. He was a Nobel laureate in 1928. He invented Penicillin Drug. It boosts cells and weakens bacterial growth.

Neetu Pareek said:   1 decade ago
Penicillin is a drug that kills bacteria and is used to treat infections.

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