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The saffron colour in the national flag signifies
truth and peace
courage and Sacrifice
faith and chivalry
None of the above
Answer: Option
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Mao said:   7 years ago
Also shows the unity of religions.

Saffron - Hindus, Buddhist and Sikh.
White - Christians and Parsi's.
Green - Muslims.

Sahana said:   8 years ago
In flag there are three colors they are saffron white and green saffron stands for sacrifice and white stands for truth and peace and green stands for green land.

Ganesh said:   9 years ago
Hi tell me the significance of green and white color.

B.kuanr said:   1 decade ago
The top colour of Indian national flag is saffron (kesari) , bottom is green while middle is white having ashok chakra in navy blue colour with 24 equally spaced spoke.

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