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The number of sovereign countries who are members of the United Nations, is

[A]. 180
[B]. 182
[C]. 183
[D]. 191

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Atar Ganguly said: (May 19, 2011)  
Now the number of countries is 192.

Sundar said: (May 19, 2011)  
There are 192 members of the United Nations. Unfortunately, the number 192 is too often used to represent the number of countries in the world.

Although this number represents almost all of the countries in the world, there are still two recognized independent countries, the Vatican City and Kosovo, that are independent and are not members of the U.N. so 192 is not the number of countries in the world.

Disna said: (Jan 3, 2015)  
Now countries 193 (South Sudan).

Haseena said: (Feb 2, 2018)  
Now there are 193 countries.

The last one is South Sudan in 2011.

Shanku said: (Feb 26, 2019)  
The United Nations member states are the 193 sovereign states that are members of the United Nations (UN) and have equal representation in the UN General Assembly.

Sirish Reddy said: (May 18, 2020)  
The correct answer is 193.

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