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A stunt driver in car A travels in free flight off the edge of a ramp at C. At the point of maximum height he strikes car B. If the direct collision is perfectly plastic (e = 0), determine the required ramp speed vC at the end of the ramp C, and the approximate distance s where both cars strike the ground. Each car has a mass of 3.5 Mg. Neglect the size of the cars in the calculation.

[A]. vC = 25.9 m/s, s = 10.99 m
[B]. vC = 22.4 m/s, s = 9.52 m
[C]. vC = 25.9 m/s, s = 10.99 m
[D]. vC = 25.9 m/s, s = 10.99 m

Answer: Option B


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