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The 300-kg bar B, originally at rest, is being towed over a series of small rollers. Computer the force in the cable when t = 5s, if the motor M is drawing in the cable for a short time at a rate of v = (0.4t2) m/s, where t is in seconds (0 t 6 s). How far does the bar move in 5 s? Neglect the mass of the cable, pulley P, and the rollers.

[A]. T = 5.00 kN, s = 0.300 m
[B]. T = 1.200 kN, s = 1.25 m
[C]. T = 5.00 kN, s = 4.00 m
[D]. T = 1.200 kN, s = 16.67 m

Answer: Option D


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