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The block B is suspended from a cable that is attached to the block at E, wraps around three pulleys, and is tied to the back of a truck. If the truck starts from rest when xD is zero, and moves forward with a constant acceleration of aD = 2 m/s2, determine the speed of the block at the instant xD = 3 m.

[A]. vB = 0.1715 m/s
[B]. vB = 1.155 m/s
[C]. vB = 0.594 m/s
[D]. vB = 0.515 m/s

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Jim said: (Feb 18, 2017)  


Bhokaal said: (Apr 30, 2017)  
Find the velocity of a truck at Xd=3 which is root12 then find the velocity of string AD which is 3root (12/34).

So, the velocity of the block will be a velocity of AD divided by 3, hence answer is 0.594.

Sonakshi said: (Sep 4, 2018)  
At instant 3 xb+root of xd ^2 +16=L.
3vb+xd/ √16+xd^2 dxd/dt=0.

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