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If the end of the cable at A is pulled down with a speed of 2 m/s, determine the speed at which block B arises.

[A]. vB = 4.00 m/s
[B]. vB = 1.000 m/s
[C]. vB = 1.000 m/s
[D]. vB = 4.00 m/s

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Eno said: (Sep 7, 2019)  
According to the number of strings in pulley B and the side A.

The equation of dependency would be:
XA+2XB= C.
: . VA + 2VB =0,
: . VB=-VA /2,
VB = -2/2 =-1m/s.

But the direction if the positive velocity VA is downwards, therefore, the negative velocity would be upward, So, the answer is B.

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