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What is a characteristic of a secondary cell?

[A]. rechargeability
[B]. not rechargeable
[C]. a dry cell
[D]. non-liquid

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Dhileepan said: (Jun 27, 2011)  
The secondary cell is nothing but a battery cell. Then how it will be rechargeable.

Niki said: (Aug 26, 2011)  
Can any one give me proper answer?

Anip Upanshu said: (Apr 12, 2012)  
Answer should be (B).

Sivaraman said: (May 27, 2012)  
The secondary cell is the battery. So it is rechargeable. Ex. Mobile battery.

Rajib said: (Jun 26, 2012)  
What is dry cell ?

Bharanidaran said: (Oct 31, 2012)  
DRY cell is one of the example of primary cell.

Lizy said: (Oct 10, 2013)  
Yes primary cell is the one which is once used and discarded the best example is dry cell.

Thika Marudhu said: (Dec 13, 2014)  
Primary cell is fixed don't change, but secondary cell cannot fixed change & recharge anything.

Pratik said: (Mar 12, 2016)  
Primary cell is used only once, but secondary can reused i.e., rechargeable.

John said: (Dec 14, 2016)  
What is mean by non-liquid?

Maheah said: (Jul 12, 2017)  
Cell & battery caractoristrics dipends up on made of using type of material of electrodes & electrolytes.

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