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Batteries differ from fuel cells in that

[A]. a battery is a closed system
[B]. a battery uses hydrogen and oxygen to create electricity
[C]. a battery uses a polymer electrolyte membrane
[D]. none of the above

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Vishal Kumar said: (Dec 9, 2010)  
In battery, mass may not be transfer (closed system) but in fuel cell, mass flow in and out of the system, mean open system.

Sre said: (Dec 20, 2010)  
Can you say me about fuel cell?

Shaik Raheem Basha said: (Dec 25, 2010)  
Fuel cell means Electrical Generator where Diesel is used to run the generator.

Ruchir said: (Jan 12, 2011)  
Fuel cell takes hydrogen and oxygen on anode and cathode respectively and convert this chemical energy into electrical energy.

Priyanka said: (Jan 14, 2011)  
Fuel cells and batteries are similar because they use a chemical reaction to provide electricity. A battery stores the chemical reactants, usually metal compounds like lithium, zinc or manganese. Once used up, you must recharge or throw away the battery. A fuel cell actually creates electricity through reactants (hydrogen and oxygen) stored externally. The fuel cell will produce electricity as long as it has a fuel supply. In short, a fuel cell vehicle is refueled instead of recharged.

Rajan said: (Jan 30, 2011)  
In battery reduction and oxidation takes place at anode and cathode. Then why the ans is not (b).

Roopesh said: (May 8, 2011)  
A fuel cell is an electrochemical device that contains two electrodes (an anode and cathode) and an electrolyte; it uses a chemical reaction to produce electricity much like a battery. However, unlike a battery, a fuel cell never "goes dead" and never needs recharging. It will continue to produce power as long as it has a constant supply of fuel and oxygen.

Venkat said: (Nov 17, 2011)  
Hi priyanka really well explanation.

Hitesh Tak said: (Mar 21, 2012)  
Good explaination was given by priyanka!

Subhransu said: (Mar 23, 2012)  
Can you tell me difference between closed system & open system ?

Ashish Sharma said: (Apr 7, 2012)  
Its exact explanation is battery is close loop means it has two terminal current starts flow from + to - terminal where in fuel cell we put the fuel and it produce energy to run the rotor of generator and electricity produce so fuel does not take part directly in current production like battery hence it is open loop.

Jiya said: (Apr 10, 2012)  
Priyanka's answer is the best explanation.

Farooq said: (Jun 9, 2012)  
Ashish answer is correct

Sanket said: (Aug 17, 2012)  
Can you tell me difference between fuel cell & battery.

Shobhana said: (Nov 15, 2012)  
The combination of cells is called battery.

Anjireddy said: (Mar 25, 2013)  
Battery means which hold the electric energy.

Prasannasrinivasan said: (Jul 1, 2013)  
These are used in cars, transports. In these fuels batteries are closed type only.

Surendar Cena said: (Jun 16, 2014)  
But where are the fuel cells used now?

Amol said: (Aug 25, 2014)  
1) Discharging - Battery cell consist of chemical Reaction in which H2SO4 is converted to H2O and negative ions are released in this reaction. These negative ions nothing but electrons. When total conversion takes place we can say battery is discharged.

2) Charging - In charging process again chemical reaction takes place. In which H2O is again converted to the H2SO4.

Vishal Neelam said: (Aug 31, 2014)  
Brief about fuel cells please.

Sellam said: (Oct 8, 2014)  
Hai @Shaik. I have doubt electrical generator mean? you said electrical generator converts chemical energy to electrical energy. What about battery? electrical generator convert mechanical to electrical.

Gulla Hariteja said: (Jul 24, 2015)  
I am not about fuel*meter type.

Thenmozhi said: (Aug 10, 2015)  
Fuel cells convert chemical energy into mechanical energy and into electrical energy. Battery cells convert chemical energy into electrical energy.

Pandi said: (Mar 3, 2016)  
Please give example of fuel cell.

Dpk said: (Oct 18, 2016)  
Please, give the examples for both battery and fuel cell.

Manoj said: (Nov 30, 2016)  
Thank you all for explaining the solution.

Deepak Bammidi said: (Apr 1, 2017)  
The key difference between a battery and a fuel cell is that a battery runs down as the electrodes dissolve, but a fuel cell operates for as long as oxygen and hydrogen flow. The battery is an energy storage device. It stores its fuel internally. A fuel cell is an energy conversion device. Its fuel is supplied externally.

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