Electronics - Voltage and Current - Discussion


An ammeter is used to measure

[A]. voltage
[B]. current
[C]. resistance
[D]. All of the above

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Anand said: (Jul 19, 2011)  
voltmeter - to measure the voltage
Ammeter - to measure the current

Pankaj said: (Jan 8, 2012)  
Ammeter means ampere meter.

Sivaraman said: (May 27, 2012)  
Voltmeter-> voltage.
Ammeter- > current.
Ohmmeter- > resistance.

Dijen said: (Jun 8, 2012)  
Ammeter is an electronics measuring device which can measured the ampere. Then ampere is the stander unit of CURRENT.

Krunal said: (Jan 14, 2013)  
Ammeter is a device which is used to measure current in amperes. Hence ammeter.

Dinesh Kumar said: (Oct 23, 2013)  
Ammeter is usually used to measure the current.

Asr said: (Aug 23, 2015)  
Ammeter is connected in series vth crkt.
Voltage is connected in parallel vth crkt.

Because voltmeter has high resistance. So connected in parallel.

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