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The transformer turns ratio determines
the ratio of primary and secondary voltages
the ratio of primary and secondary currents
the reflected impedance
all of the above
Answer: Option
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Louie bacalla said:   4 years ago
Voltage ratio: v1/V2=N1/N2 = a
Current ratio: I1/I2=N2/N1 = 1/a
Ohmic ratio: Z1/Z2=R1/R2 = X1/X2 = (N1/N2)squared = (a) squared
Therefore, the correct answer is D.

Ajeet kumar chaubey said:   9 years ago
Only option is "A" is correct. Although if question is: what you can determine than all the above, because.

Turns ratio= I2/I1 and reciprocal of it will make the "B" correct.

About, reflected impedance it is basically based on transformation ratio which is again reciprocal of turns ratio.

Abhay said:   1 decade ago
Reflected impedance is (R2/R1)^1/2 which is directly proportional to transformation ratio.

Sukumar said:   1 decade ago
I think D is not correct option because the option B statement is wrong. Ratio of secondary and primary currents if it is so the option D is correct.

Hameed said:   1 decade ago
What is reflected impedance?

Shamraay said:   1 decade ago
Transformer has one formula = Vp/Vs = Is/Ip = Np/Ns.

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