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A series of gradually decreasing sine wave oscillations is called:
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Glenn said:   3 years ago
But damped waves are usually a mechanical phenomena. However, attenuating RF will result in a damped wave and RF is still in the electrical realm. And, unlike the damped wave, ringing oscillations are not known for progressive decomposition; ringing is usually the result of bad circuit design or poor EMI management.

Dheeraj malav said:   5 years ago
When we gradually decrease input signal than its sine wave move at zero possision with ocsillation that's called ringing.

Sivaranjani said:   6 years ago
It is a Gibbs phenomenon, they are called ringing and ringing.

Nkprajapati said:   7 years ago
It is called damped wave.

Rahul said:   7 years ago
It is called damped wave.

Mohammed Bilal said:   7 years ago
The Gibbs phenomenon is the step response of a low-pass filter, and the oscillations are called ringing or ringing artifacts.

Steve said:   8 years ago
Incorrect answer. It is a Damped wave. The damped wave form at the rise and fall peaks of a square wave is called ringing.

Shivani said:   9 years ago
That ringing effect is known as Gibbs phenomenon.

Sarita pal said:   1 decade ago
Sine wave is graually deacreasing it means it showing a change in its frequency in wave so this ocillation makes an order of ringing.

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