Electronics - Special-Purpose Op-Amp Circuits - Discussion


Refer the given circuits. Which circuit is known as an OTA?

[A]. a
[B]. b
[C]. c
[D]. d

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Shree said: (Mar 1, 2014)  
What is meant by OTA?

Sivakumar said: (Aug 10, 2014)  
Operational transconductance amplifier.

Sushil said: (Dec 2, 2014)  
What is OTA?

Anjalee said: (Apr 24, 2015)  
Explain this diagram?

Ankur Yadav said: (Dec 2, 2016)  
Explain the purposes of OTA.

Sirisha Reddy said: (Jan 17, 2017)  
Explain OTA.

Luci said: (Jan 30, 2019)  
Please explain the answer clearly.

Ananda M said: (Nov 11, 2019)  
OTA: operational transconductance amplifier.

The ratio of the change in current at the o/p terminal to the change in the v/g at the input terminal of an active device.

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