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How will an open resistor affect a series circuit?

[A]. Current will flow around the open resistor.
[B]. The open resistor will drop 0 V.
[C]. Total resistance will decrease.
[D]. No current will flow in the circuit.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Sreeyush Sudhakaran said: (Feb 19, 2012)  
Consider there are three bridges in your way to home.

Assume your travelling in car.

The cars are like current and bridges like resistors.

When one bridge is cut down how will your car reach home.

Vikas Kumar said: (Jan 13, 2013)  
An open resistor is show infinite value so any current will not flow in the circuit.

Chirag said: (Oct 2, 2018)  
Nice, Thanks @Sreeyush.

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