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What causes the depletion region?

[A]. doping
[B]. diffusion
[C]. barrier potential
[D]. ions

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Kamlesh said: (Aug 22, 2012)  
Diffusion of electrons & holes cause depletion region.

Kaminee Chouhan said: (Dec 24, 2012)  
Which type material we diffuse it depend size of depletion layer.

Chudamani said: (Oct 15, 2014)  
Diffusion is the process when flow of carrier due to mismatch of hole and electrons(at room temperature).

Solomon Baynes said: (Dec 1, 2014)  
When the electrons diffuse from high potential to low causes the decreasing of region between the n_type and p_type, is the region called depletion region.

Baraka said: (Feb 18, 2016)  
So the depletion region are caused only by diffusion.

Asha said: (Jul 21, 2017)  
What is diffusion?

Srinivas said: (Jan 30, 2018)  
What is diffusion?

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