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Which of the following statements is true if the inductor shorts out in the circuit in the given circuit?

Each component drops 5 V.
The impedance equals 0 omega.gif.
The power factor equals 1.
The phase angle equals 90°.
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Xiyaz said:   4 years ago
No loss of energy, only true power consumes by resistive load so power factor is 1.
No, lead or lag current or storage energy there is no reactive power.
Only true power seems to convert in a proportional into heat.
PF is 1.

Asma Asghar janjau said:   7 years ago
When inductor is short only resistor is present and becomes load, when load appear as resistor then power factor is 1.

Prakash said:   10 years ago
In simple language, there will no lead or lag in the circuit, and the power factor will be 1 that the highest, or in other words ideal, that is required to save electricity bills in big companies.

Tiieera said:   1 decade ago
I completely agree with u sir..As the inductor is short circuited it behaves as a purely resistive circuit. Phase angle is zero. P.F=cos(0)=1.

Vasu said:   1 decade ago
Power factor = R/Z
But Z=R;as L is shorted.

Hence power factor= R/R

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