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The power rating of a resistor is __________ related to __________.
directly, the type of cooling used
indirectly, the type of material used
directly, its surface area
indirectly, the color coding
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Mukesh said:   3 years ago
Conductivity directly proportional to the surface area not resistivity.

Matvel said:   7 years ago
How do you say resistivity is directly proportional to surface area?

Akshay said:   7 years ago
Resistivity is directly proportional to surface area.

Kabir said:   8 years ago
Here A is the cross section area not the surface area. Don't confuse.

Bhagya said:   8 years ago
R = L/A so, R is inversely proportional to the area.

RADHIKA said:   9 years ago
R is directly proportional to the area of the surface.

Soorya said:   1 decade ago
In the case of resistor as power rating increases the size also increases inorder to facilitate higher area for power dissipation.

Sram said:   1 decade ago
R = L/A then Resistance is Indirectly proportional to surface area.

Jareesh said:   1 decade ago
The size of the high power capacitors are larger.

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