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One ampere of current flowing through one ohm of resistance is equal to:
1 horsepower
1 Btu
1 watt
1 joule
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BALAKRISHNA said:   7 years ago
p= I^2R.
= 1^2 * 1,
= 1 WATT.

Aman said:   7 years ago
V = IR then,
P = VI.
P = 1 WATT.

Arshad said:   8 years ago
Please can you explain this?

Hari bala said:   9 years ago
One ampere current flowing through the one ohm resistance means the multiplication of I*R.

So it will be voltage. How will it be a power?

HIREN PATEL said:   1 decade ago
P =I*I*R

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