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The six basic forms of energy are:

[A]. light, sun, magnetic, chemical, electrical, and mechanical
[B]. electrical, mechanical, light, heat, magnetic, and chemical
[C]. electrical, mechanical, sun, heat, chemical, and light
[D]. potential, sun, light, chemical, electrical, and mechanical

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Rahul Birari said: (Jan 16, 2014)  
Energy is obtained from the sun its a source of energy.

Ram Charan said: (Jul 8, 2014)  
These SIX energy forms we use in daily life,

Electrical = electricity used for household, industries, etc..,
Heat = due to solar heat we are using electricity from sun.
Magnetic = due to these magnetic field which produces flux is converted into electricity.

Gauri said: (Sep 11, 2015)  
Sun is not form of energy. It is source of energy.

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