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The resistivity of copper is:
9.9 omega.gif
10.7 omega.gif
16.7 omega.gif
17.0 omega.gif
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ROHITBABA said:   9 years ago
You are question options units are wrong the unit of resistivity is ohm-m the resistivity of copper is at 20 degree is about 1.07*10^-6 ohm-m.

Swathi said:   5 years ago
Resistivity unit is ohm m not ohm. And resistivity of copper annealed is 1.72*10-8 at temp.00393.

Ravi said:   1 decade ago
Can you explain the calculation of aluminium & copper resistivity?

Ankit jain said:   10 years ago
Please explain how copper resistivity is 10.7?

Eric said:   5 years ago
How it is 10.7? Please explain in detail.

Kavita said:   5 years ago
Please explain the answer in detail.

Lakshya said:   7 years ago
Can anyone give brief explanation?

Ganesh mohan said:   6 years ago
It is 1.7 * 10^(-8) Ω m.

Mayur jain said:   1 decade ago
How it is calculated?

Gopabandhu pradhan said:   5 years ago
Thanks all.

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