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What procedure should be followed when troubleshooting with an ammeter or voltmeter?
Short the leads and adjust.
Check the meter’s external power supply.
Start with the highest scale and adjust down to a lower scale.
Start with the lowest scale and adjust up to a higher scale.
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Vijay said:   1 decade ago
An accurate circuit have to work properly with a sudden (considered as sudden because it is the initial input) high power, as a non accurate system can also give expectable output with low power.

Shainty said:   1 decade ago
Because the analog multimeter has starts reading from higher to low reading or the multimeter has starts from 0 value to infinite.

Jaggubai said:   1 decade ago
Every device work minimum & maximum votages first chek the higer range so starts the higher scale.

Madhusudan said:   1 decade ago
Why actually should we come from high to low, not the other way?

Naseemulaziz said:   1 decade ago
Trouble shooting means solving of a problem or detect and correct errors in machine.

Harsha said:   1 decade ago
What is meant by troubleshooting??

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