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What does RT equal in the given circuit?

90 omega.gif
180 omega.gif
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Answer: Option
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Ananya said:   1 decade ago
V=9V. I1=50mA. I2=45mA. and R3=1.8kohms
so R1= V/I1 and R2=V/I2
so RT=1/(1/R1+1/R2+1/R3).

Naseem Ul Aziz said:   1 decade ago
r1=9/50ma=180 ohm
r2=9/45ma=200 ohm
r3=1800 ohm
1/rt=(1/180)+(1/200)+(1/1800)=0.00555+0.005+0.00055=0.0111=90 ohm

AakkiRoock said:   1 decade ago
I3= V3/R3= 9/1.8= 5mA
Total Current= I1+I2+I3= 100mA
Rt= V/I= 9/100= 0.09kohm= 90 ohm ;)

Viju said:   1 decade ago



Req=V/I=9/(100 x 10-3).


Nisha said:   8 years ago
r = v/I.
r1 = 9/50m = 180ohm.
r2 = 9/45m = 200ohm.
r3 = 1.8kohm.

1/Rt = 1/r1 + 1/r2 + 1/r3 = 90ohm.

Prashant said:   7 years ago
R1 = 180 ohm and R2= 200 ohm.
In a parallel circuit, the total res is less than lowest value res.

So answer is 90 because lowest res is r1 180 ohm and in options, less than 180 is only 90 ohms.

Narasayya said:   6 years ago

Naveen kumar said:   6 years ago
Thank you @Prashant.

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