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The open-loop voltage gain (Aol) of an op-amp is the
external voltage gain the device is capable of
internal voltage gain the device is capable of
most controlled parameter
same as Acl
Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Merylata kisku said:   7 years ago
Open loop voltage gain of opamp is that where there is no feedback path.

Pooja said:   9 years ago
There is no feed in open loop voltage gain so the internal voltage is the answer.

Leena said:   1 decade ago
In other words open loop voltage of an op amp is the maximum gain gain that the op amp can give (i.e. If the parameters are unchanged since once an op amp is manufactured it can not changed it is also called internal voltage gain) and using a feedback resistor loop we decrease our gain.

Mahesh said:   1 decade ago
As we know the defination voltage gain is output to input voltage gain.. Here also same but diffrence is op-amp. In this there is no feedback for the op-amp circuit.

Ashok said:   1 decade ago
Dude can you explain me what is open-loop voltage gain?

Imran said:   1 decade ago
As there is no feedback in open loop circuit we can say that it's voltage gain will be internal only on dependent upon it's input voltage.

Pushp raj said:   1 decade ago
Since there is no feedback hence it is internal gain.

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