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What is the output waveform?

sine wave
square wave
sawtooth wave
triangle wave
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No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Chetan Mishra said:   7 years ago
It's not possible to say without input waveform. Data is insufficient to answer.

GIRISH KUMAR N G said:   7 years ago
It's an integrator where capacitor charges and discharges which produce a sawtooth waveform. Then the sawtooth waveform is given to the comparator which gives a square waveform. So it's not a triangular waveform.

Raji said:   8 years ago
Whatever the input inspite output is always a triangular wave in the integrator.

Vinod said:   9 years ago
Insufficient data, please rectify the question for effectiveness.

Ramyy said:   9 years ago
If we think logically, we have capacitor in feedback so capacitor here initially charge when supply is given and than it discharge so we get two types of wave either saw tooth and triangular but here capacitor discharge slowly. So answer is triangular waves.

Inam said:   9 years ago
The voltage is also AC.

Kumar rahul said:   9 years ago
Input should be square wave then integration of square wave (can be represented by unit step) gives ramp function i.e triangular.

Zinabu assfa said:   9 years ago
The input must be square wave to get triangle wave at the output.

Sanju said:   9 years ago
It's input signal is in square wave.

Sanju prajapati said:   9 years ago
Because it is a op-amp as differentiator circuit.

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