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What is the output waveform?

sine wave
square wave
sawtooth wave
triangle wave
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Swathi said:   5 years ago
It is an integrator so the input is converted into triangle wave.

Malepatisravanthi said:   6 years ago
Specify the input signal.

Moin babu said:   5 years ago
An integrator follows as stop pattern so if i/p square then o/p triangle but input is now showing zero.

Sanjay kumar said:   6 years ago
Input is not cleared then how are you say that output is triangular?

When the input is rectangular wave then the output is a trangular wave.

Geetha said:   7 years ago
Data is insufficient to find the solution.

GIRISH KUMAR N G said:   7 years ago
It's an integrator where capacitor charges and discharges which produce a sawtooth waveform. Then the sawtooth waveform is given to the comparator which gives a square waveform. So it's not a triangular waveform.

Karishma said:   10 years ago
Here what is the input?

Ahmed khan said:   10 years ago
When I/P is unit step then O/P is ramp signal. When I/P is Square wave then O/P is triangular wave. Because circuit is integrator But in this question we do not have given then answer will be Data insufficient.

Shobana said:   10 years ago
Need a required input signal but if it is sin wave the output is cos wave.

Sanju prajapati said:   9 years ago
Because it is a op-amp as differentiator circuit.

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