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What device is similar to an RTD but has a negative temperature coefficient?
Strain gauge
Negative-type RTD
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No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Hanabishi said:   3 years ago

Yes, there are also PTC Thermistors but I think that NTC Thermistors are more common and it is frequently used.

Bruhmagupta said:   3 years ago
Resistance Temperature Detector is used to measure temperature as same as thermocouple.

Shagufta said:   3 years ago
RTD means can anyone explain?

Nirmal said:   7 years ago
Positive temperature coefficient, Thermistors are also heard of.

Can anyone clear my doubt?

Pradhyumansinh said:   8 years ago
PTC Thermistor are also there.

Yasir khan said:   8 years ago
Thermistor is also negative temperature coefficient device.

Sudha said:   9 years ago
Thermistors are temperature-dependent resistors, changing resistance with changes in temperature.

Shruthi.sp said:   9 years ago
Why its thermistor? It can also be thermocouple.

Madhuri said:   1 decade ago
Because thermistor is also a negative temperature coefficient.

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