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The resistive change of a strain gauge

[A]. is based on the weight placed upon it, but can be many thousands of ohms
[B]. is usually no more than 100 omega.gif
[C]. is based on the gauge factor, but is typically less than an ohm
[D]. has a positive temperature coefficient

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Rajeev Meena said: (Oct 16, 2010)  
What is transducer?

Manjunath said: (Jun 30, 2011)  
Transducer is a device which converts one form to another form.
I. E. Physical quantity (temperature) to Electrical quantity and vice verse.

Monojit said: (Feb 28, 2015)  
What is Gauge factor?

Laxman said: (Apr 24, 2015)  
Transducer is a device which is non electric to electrical conversion.

Yasir Sheikh said: (Jul 24, 2016)  
@Rajeev Meena.

Transducer is a device which converts one form of energy to second form of energy.

Kunal said: (Aug 15, 2016)  
Gauge factor (GF) or strain factor of a strain gauge is the ratio of relative change in electrical resistance R, to the mechanical strain.

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