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A JFET can be either a current-controlled device or a voltage-controlled device.

[A]. True
[B]. False

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Durdarsan said: (Mar 21, 2011)  
Please give me proper ans.

Ranjith said: (Jul 11, 2011)  
By giving the voltage for gate we can control the conductivity of the channel (source to drain).

Ajit said: (Aug 17, 2016)  
JFET is a voltage controlled device.

Setsuna said: (Oct 9, 2016)  
How is JFET a current controlled device?

Prashanth Kumar G N said: (Jul 26, 2017)  
JFET can't be Current Controlled Device.

Junction Field Effect, due to applied voltage current is controlled.

Shanvi said: (Feb 15, 2021)  
It should be False,

JFET is the voltage controlled.

Shanvi said: (Feb 28, 2021)  
I agree with @Shanvi.

BJT are a current-controlled device while FET is a voltage controlled therefore it should be false that a JFET could be both current and voltage controlled.

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