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When not in use, MOSFET pins are kept at the same potential through the use of:

[A]. shipping foil
[B]. nonconductive foam
[C]. conductive foam
[D]. a wrist strap

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Saad Sarwar Cheema said: (Apr 24, 2012)  
As the mosfet has thin layer of silicon dioxide which is very sensitive to keep it save from external static charge present on the human body we put its legs in conductive foam.

Kunal Sankhe said: (Aug 8, 2012)  
As MOSFET has insulated gate resulting in capacitance along with very high input impedance can cause to accumulate excess charge if contact with human body(Electrostatic discharge). Hence conductive foam is used.

Pooja said: (Nov 9, 2013)  
What is conductive foam? Please answer me.

Satya said: (Sep 3, 2014)  
What is conducting foam why conducting foam not non conducting?

Dipanjan said: (Feb 2, 2015)  
MOSFETS are quite sensitive. Even a human touch may generate static charge that may damage the MOSFET when not in use. Hence, a conducting foam is used to electrically short all the terminals of the MOSFET to get over any effect of static electricity by human touch.

*Non Conducting materials will not be able to short the terminals hence the damage chance is not minimized.

Chetan said: (Jan 28, 2017)  
Which type of conductive foam? and why it is necessary to keep the MOSFET conducting?

Amir said: (Jun 14, 2017)  
So it's like a capacitor always shorts it to discharge.

Ekirapa Emmanuel said: (Mar 22, 2019)  
Yes, you are right @Dipanjan.

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