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When an input delta of 2 V produces a transconductance of 1.5 mS, what is the drain current delta?

[A]. 666 mA
[B]. 3 mA
[C]. 0.75 mA
[D]. 0.5 mA

Answer: Option B


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Shalini said: (May 28, 2011)  
delta Id/delta Vi = Gm

Gm=tranconductance=1.5 milli Siemens


Neeraj Kumar said: (Jul 13, 2011)  
Thanks to Shalini. I just wanted to see the formula used.

Sumit Patel said: (Aug 14, 2011)  
Thanks shalini to remember


Saranya said: (Dec 27, 2011)  
Thanks to shalini.

Ganesh said: (Mar 8, 2012)  

Hegde said: (Feb 22, 2014)  
dI/dV = gm(transconductance).
>dI = gm*dv.
>dI = 1.5m*2;.
>dI = 3mA.

Shreevidya said: (Sep 19, 2014)  
Id = 2 sqrt(gm*Vgs).

gm = 1.5x10^-3.
Vgs = 2.

So Id = 3mA.

Bill said: (Aug 23, 2017)  
What is the input delta, what is the drain current delta?

Shadan said: (Nov 24, 2017)  
Transconductance(gm)= Del( ID) /Del( VGS)
and also Transconductance is reciprocal of resistance so we no that Resistance =V/I.
so transcondustance=I/V.
Then you will found 3mA.

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