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The average value of the half-wave rectified output voltage is approximately __________ of Vp.
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Historia said:   3 years ago
Vdc or Vave = Vp/T for a HW rectifier.

Therefore Vdc = (0.31831)Vp = 31.1831% of Vpeak.

Mubashir Tanveer said:   5 years ago

We just have Vp, or Vmax (Vm).

Vavg=1/T integral Pi to 0 Vmsin wt dt (v average is equal to 1/t its cycle integral limits π to 0 t max or V Peek sin omega t derivate with respect to d).

= Vp/T ( -COSwt/w)limit T/2 to 0.

or simple is that Vavg=Vm/π.

Ayaz said:   6 years ago
Please explain it.

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