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Which bus is bidirectional?

[A]. data bus
[B]. control bus
[C]. address bus
[D]. multiplexed bus

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Mohanraj.U said: (Dec 29, 2011)  
Because the data transfer both the source and destination..!

@Shok Kumar said: (Apr 29, 2012)  
Through data bus, data is transmitted in to CPU and also from CPU to IO devices or Memory devices so data bus is a bidirectional.

Mounika said: (Nov 18, 2013)  
Data bus is bidirectional because it transmits information from CPU.

Rajeswaran said: (Dec 7, 2014)  
Which is uni directional bus?

Karan Aadiwal said: (Jul 18, 2015)  
Address bus is also called a unidirectional bus.

Vanapalli Krishna Rao said: (Jun 14, 2017)  
Address bus is Unidirectional because the microprocessor is addressing a specific memory location. No outside devices can not write into Microprocessor. The Data bus is Bidirectional because the Microprocessor can read data from memory or write data to the memory. Normally Control bus is unidirectional.

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