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You could increase the time constant of an RC circuit by

[A]. adding a resistor in parallel with the circuit resistance
[B]. adding a capacitor in parallel with the circuit capacitance
[C]. increasing the amplitude of the input voltage
[D]. exchanging the position of the resistor and capacitor in the circuit

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Seshendra said: (Nov 17, 2010)  
Because the time constant is nothing but multiplication of R and C.... So if we add capacitor in parallel then the resultant capacitance increases... So timeconstant also increases...

Venu said: (Jan 23, 2012)  
By incresing resistence in series also can do. !

Raj said: (Mar 20, 2012)  
But venu, that option is not given.

If we add resistance in parallel to the circuit resistance then the resultant resistance will be decreased than before.

And we know that the time constant is the product of both are and C. Hence we need to add capacitance in parallel with the circuit capacitance.

Aravind said: (Aug 18, 2012)  
What is time constant?

Alok Kumar said: (Dec 13, 2012)  
Time constant in capacitor is T=RC to increase the value of capacitor or resistor to increase time constant.

Rajneesh Kumar said: (May 23, 2013)  
Time constant = C.R(capacitor * resistor ).

You will be that, capacitor in parallel, Ct = C1+C2+......+Cn.

Its capacitance will be increased in parallel.

Than C.R is also increased.

Virendar said: (Jun 28, 2013)  
Time constant is = RC.

So, increasing the capacitance because it increase in parallel while resistance decrease in parallel, time constant can be increase.

Priyanka said: (Aug 9, 2015)  
Delay is directly proportional to capacitor so if include a cap. In parallel then delay increase.

Ajsal said: (Sep 5, 2015)  
What will happen if resistance is in parallel?

Mayur said: (Feb 11, 2016)  

If we add resistor in parallel then the resistor value gets decreases and ultimately the value of time constant decreases and which is not essential.

Arky said: (Jun 30, 2016)  
For example the question is "What is the Time constant of a circuit having two 100-microfarad capacitors and two 470-kilohm resistors all in parallel"?

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