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When a circuit consists of a capacitor and a resistor in series with a voltage source, and the voltage across the resistor is zero, then the capacitor is:

[A]. charging
[B]. discharging
[C]. fully charged
[D]. fully discharged

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Anudeep said: (Jun 23, 2012)  
When fully charged, act as open circuit so for open circuit voltage across resistor will be zero.

Rrgiri said: (Sep 25, 2014)  
How ? even fully charged the voltage still prevails. Please explain.

Junayd said: (Nov 21, 2014)  
Uncharged capacitor acts as a short to current initially and after fully charged it acts as an open in the circuit.

So no voltage is zero across the series connected resistor because there is no current.

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