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The two's complement system is to be used to add the signed numbers 11110010 and 11110011. Determine, in decimal, the sign and value of each number and their sum.

[A]. –14 and –13; –27
[B]. –113 and –114; 227
[C]. –27 and –13; 40
[D]. –11 and –16; –27

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Jai said: (Dec 5, 2010)  
most significant bit is negative . so 1st bit from left is coresponds to -128. and remaining bits value is same 64,32,16,0,0,2,0.adding all decimal number corresponding to these bits (-128+64+32+16+0+0+2+0=-14)
similarly for 11110011.

Rohini said: (May 25, 2012)  
First number:11110010
Here first MSB(Most Significant Bit)is 1. So the number is negative number.
1's complement of first number:00001101
2's complement of first number:00001110
Decimal number corespond to 00001110 is 14. here the number is negative. so -14.
In the same way find second number that is -13 so the sum is -27

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