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What are the two main applications for ac?
direct, pulsating
electric, magnetic
power, information
static, dynamic
Answer: Option
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Viswa said:   6 years ago
AC used for transmission purpose.

DC used for storing purpose.

Mithilesh said:   8 years ago
AC pulsating the DC.

Albert said:   1 decade ago
But some of the component devices in communication equipment are DC consumables.

Srikanth said:   1 decade ago
Two main applications means, alternate current is nothing but power and it is using in regular life and which is one of the application.

Whereas information as said by kirtish vyas we are applying in communication for transmission of signal.

Shweta said:   1 decade ago
Can anyone explain why it can't be direct, pulsating option?

Kirtish vyas said:   1 decade ago
As in domestic purpose we use it as power supply and in communication can be used for transmittion of signals e. G-modulated signal.

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