Circuit Simulator - Zener I/V Curve

Why should I learn to use the circuit simulator to design Zener I/V Curve circuits?

Learn how to use circuit simulator software to design your own Zener I/V Curve circuits.

Where can I get a Zener I/V Curve circuit diagram with an explanation?

IndiaBIX provides numerous Zener I/V Curve circuit diagrams with detailed explanations and working principles.

How do I design a Zener I/V Curve circuit with this circuit simulator?

You can easily design Zener I/V Curve circuit diagrams by practising with the given circuit simulator. With this online circuit simulator, you can design and simulate your own electronic circuits.

Zener I/V Curve
Zener I/V Curve
Circuit Description:
This circuit shows a Zener diode, a diode that allows current flow in the reverse direction as well as forward. Here, the graph at lower left shows voltage plotted versus current. Current flows in the forward direction at about 800 mV, and in the reverse direction at about -5.6 V.

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Lt S Shanmugam said:   1 decade ago
Really this type of simulaton is very usefull thank you very much of this web address please add more number of microprocessor and micro controller program simulation.

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