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Why Voltage Tripler?

Learn about Voltage Tripler to improve your skills and design your electronics projects yourself.

Where can I get Voltage Tripler Circuit Diagram with Explanation?

IndiaBIX provides you lots of fully solved Voltage Tripler circuit diagram with detailed explanation and working principles.

How to design a Voltage Tripler (electronic circuit)?

You can easily design the Voltage Tripler circuit by practicing the exercises given below. Here you can design and simulate your own electronic circuits with this Online Circuit Designer and Simulator.

Circuit Description:

This circuit uses some diodes and capacitors to generate 42 V from an 15 V input signal. -- Credits: Mr. Paul Falstad.

Unknown said: (May 12, 2013)  
How does the voltage tripler works?

Yogesh said: (Jul 14, 2014)  
How the diodes and capacitors increase voltage ?

Hasib said: (Feb 28, 2015)  
The current from the input flows through the upper diode in one direction, charging the upper capacitor; the diode prevents the capacitor from being discharged when the input signal goes negative. The bottom diode/capacitor pair works the same way for the negative portion of the input cycle.

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