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Transformer with DC
Transformer with DC
Circuit Description:
An ideal transformer (with sufficiently large inductance and sufficiently low resistance) can pass DC, but real transformers are not ideal and only work with AC. This transformer passes DC at first, but after a short time, the DC voltage fades due to resistance in the primary and the finite inductance of the transformer coils.

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Divyasri said:   7 years ago
Transformer works with constant frequency. But in dc we don't have frequency. How it works?

David sadi said:   8 years ago
How to build a transformer for function generator DDS UDB1005 for amplified to 40Volts the output ?

Prabhpreet Batish said:   1 decade ago
@ Nijil V V.

When the transformers are applied with sawtooth waves, then it will provide a similar wave at output, but with humming noise and heating effect which may cause damage to primary winding of transformer.

NIJIL V V said:   1 decade ago
If we apply sawtooth in primary, what will be the output. . . ?

Pallav said:   1 decade ago
How culd you make it work?

But the current is changing and it may work with less theory. :)

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