Circuit Simulator - Thevenin's Theorem

Why Thevenin's Theorem?

Learn about Thevenin's Theorem to improve your skills and design your electronics projects yourself.

Where can I get Thevenin's Theorem Circuit Diagram with Explanation?

IndiaBIX provides you lots of fully solved Thevenin's Theorem circuit diagram with detailed explanation and working principles.

How to design a Thevenin's Theorem (electronic circuit)?

You can easily design the Thevenin's Theorem circuit by practicing the exercises given below. Here you can design and simulate your own electronic circuits with this Online Circuit Designer and Simulator.

Circuit Description:

These circuits demonstrate Thévenin's theorem, which states that any combination of voltage sources, current sources, and resistors can be reduced to a single voltage source and a single resistor. So, the scary-looking circuit on top can be reduced to the equivalent circuit on the bottom. -- Credits: Mr. Paul Falstad.

Sowmiya said: (Sep 12, 2011)  
We are doing a module for thevenin's theorem in c++ i.e,. concepts of object oriented programming.

Please help me for this module .

Narma said: (Jun 8, 2012)  
In this circuit if I m removing the source also there is a sine waveform produced. How?

Rathi said: (Jun 11, 2012)  
In this circuit oscilloscope fixed in source, so if you disconnect it shows the voltage in source terminal.

Ch.Suresh said: (Jun 18, 2012)  
Really very excellent website and this is useful to Electrical Technology subject.

M.Hari said: (Sep 29, 2013)  
Hi it is really very good useful to excellent website electronics engineering subjects.

Yogesh said: (Sep 20, 2014)  
Very Nice web Site For Electronics student. Thanks.

Koteeshwari said: (Feb 26, 2016)  
How do I run the circuit?

Santosh said: (Sep 17, 2016)  
Theory not simple written circuit solutions.

Pandu said: (Oct 28, 2018)  
Really it's very useful website.

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