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Sine Wave Generator
Sine Wave Generator
Circuit Description:
This circuit generates a sine wave and a cosine wave. It combines two integrators. Since the integral of a sine is a negative cosine, and the integral of a cosine is a sine, we can generate both waves by feeding the output of each integrator into the input of the other.

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Chinmay Sharma said:   5 months ago
Can someone please give a detailed explanation about this circuit?

EDOSEGHE VICTOR said:   7 years ago
What make a circuit sine wave?

Venki said:   9 years ago
I want to design a sine wave generator circuit with the frequency varions in 200hz-20khz. Please give the details regarding this circuit?

A.M.O said:   9 years ago
How I can generate a sine waves with different frequencies such as (20Hz-20KHz)?

Derek said:   10 years ago
What OP AMP IC can I use to make this?

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