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Why Simple Transmission Lines?

Learn about Simple Transmission Lines to improve your skills and design your electronics projects yourself.

Where can I get Simple Transmission Lines Circuit Diagram with Explanation?

IndiaBIX provides you lots of fully solved Simple Transmission Lines circuit diagram with detailed explanation and working principles.

How to design a Simple Transmission Lines (electronic circuit)?

You can easily design the Simple Transmission Lines circuit by practicing the exercises given below. Here you can design and simulate your own electronic circuits with this Online Circuit Designer and Simulator.

Circuit Description:

This is a simple circuit using a transmission line. Normally, when analyzing a circuit, the length of a wire is not important. But in this case, the frequency is high enough that the time it takes electrical energy to cross the transmission line is longer than a single cycle. A period of oscillation is 25 nanoseconds, and the transmission line delay is 30 nanoseconds. -- Credits: Mr. Paul Falstad.

Mujib Khan said: (Nov 26, 2016)  
Where are distance really connect in transmission line. Sending side or receiving side.

Ranjan Kumar said: (Feb 26, 2017)  
* The Minimum clearance between the ground and a 220 kV line is about -7.0 m.

* Low voltage cable are ment for use up to -1.1 kv

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