Circuit Simulator - Op-Amp

Why should I learn to use the circuit simulator to design Op-Amp circuits?

Learn how to use circuit simulator software to design your own Op-Amp circuits.

Where can I get a Op-Amp circuit diagram with an explanation?

IndiaBIX provides numerous Op-Amp circuit diagrams with detailed explanations and working principles.

How do I design a Op-Amp circuit with this circuit simulator?

You can easily design Op-Amp circuit diagrams by practising with the given circuit simulator. With this online circuit simulator, you can design and simulate your own electronic circuits.

Circuit Description:
This is a simple demonstration of an op-amp. It has two inputs, which you can control using the sliders on the right. The op-amp greatly amplifies the difference between the two inputs, and outputs the result. The output voltage cannot swing beyond the op-amp's high and low supply voltages (+15V and -15V in this case). The wires providing the supply voltage are not shown; instead, the high and low output voltage can be specified using the right-mouse Edit menu.

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Mnit said:   8 years ago

Rameshwar kakade said:   1 decade ago
Same problem facing with me, But I am contineously updating java link. The problem should get resolved. Go to this website. Http:// and update windows java link and restart the PC. Go to same page and start simulation.

Sundar said:   1 decade ago

Download JRE from the above link, install the restart your browser.

Then open this same page then 'Start Simulation'.

Sanket said:   1 decade ago
I Downloaded & installed Java for my Window PC. But nothing has happened. I can't able see circuit simulation. Please help!

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